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Easy draw-do as you want


Can you in one PC at same time,but 5 PC not at same time .and the cost is for one year,need pay annual fee than you finish one year.

How to buy

You can buy from our reseller all over the world ,also can email to buy

How to pay

We accept paypal and bank transfer and Western union,any way ,we not take the commission cost.paypal address

How to fix problem

If you have account problem ,ex:forget passcode,unlock PC ,can contact with your reseller or email

How to be reseller

Need buy 100 set one time at lease,and also we no have other reseller in your country.

Is it safe

Yes,even it is only one account ,but we use the top safety measures.

Easy draw can do

walk together with all our customers

Easy draw team
We will try to make the lastest diagram for our customer ,and will share some repair skills with will know we are the best one day !!!

Iphone Ipad
Mito Meizu

We use bank lever security

Easy draw Team
Not worry about your account will be stealen by others,Easy draw just like a bank,keep all your money here

Iphone ipad
xiaomi Huawei
Vivo oppo
Mito Meizu

For drawing,bitmap is basic,The precise point bitmap makes it easy for you to find a fault

Easy Draw Team
We only spend time in deserved is easy for IPHONE ipad and SAMSUNG to have trouble in motherboard line ,but others not


We only spend time in deserved thing.

Easy Draw Team
We summed up the hottest mobile phones in the world. The most frequently encountered mobile phones in maintenance were mainly concentrated in IPHONE and China phone. So we made a comprehensive analysis of the various problems of some models.

*We are serious!

iphone 7
iphone 7P
iphone 6s
iphone 6sp
iphone 6
iphone 6p
xiaomi huawei oppo

We guide the trend and make the most special!

Easy Draw Team
iphone models
It is a real cool function for all our users ,no need check 2 PC together,iphone 7/7p/6s/6sp/6/6p/5s/5/4s included

iphone 7/7p
iphone 6s/6sp
iphone 6/6p
iphone 5s/5/4s
ipad models
It is also nessery for Ipad air/4/3/2/mini 2/mini 1 included

ipad air
ipad 2/3/4
ipad mini 2/mini 1
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It's easy to do it differently, but it's hard to do it better!

Easy Draw Team
We trust that you will buy from us if you try free,you only not know how best we are.

It is my honor to meet you
If you chose me,it is my honor to know you and standby you from now on

Why we make Easy Draw?

We find out that it is really waste time to ship one dongle to other country,and also some customer complain that not understand Chinese,or can not log in the account,or have PC system problem,they hope one drawing can use in PC directly ,full English version,can solver the problem of PC system,can offer more popular Chinese phone diagram.Yes,that is what Easy Draw is special!
1.No dongle
only register than can use instant
2.full English
Only English,all for our foreign customer
3.Easy to use
we put A+B bitmap in one PDF
4.Free trial
for all new users,can be free trial 5 days
5.update fast
we update the content every week or month.
6.share skills
we share some skills with all our customer
7.welcome your guidance
please correct them if we have any mistake!