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  • The schematic diagram for mother board is the one tell you why and how ?

    it contains the diagram for iphone7P/7/6SP/6S/6P/6/5S/5/4S ipad2/3/4/Air/Mini1/Mini2,samsung A3009/A7000 /A7009/E7000/E7009/G9250/N9200/A5000, xiaomi MI3/MI4/MI4S/MI5/MI5S PLUS, huawei C8815/G9ALOOCLOO/G520/G610/H300-T00/KIW-X5/MATE7-CL00/MATE8/ MATECRR-CLOO/P6MI-ONE_PLUS/P7/P8-CL10/ P8-TL00/P8-UL10/P9/P9 PLUS/T2211/Y600/enjoy6S/Honor3C Honor4A /Honor4X/Honor6H60-L01/Honor6H60-L02/Honor6H60-L03/Honor6H60-L04, gionee A66/A320 /A350/E3/E6mini/E6T/E7/E7L/E7mini/E7T/E8/F100/F103S/F105/F301/F303/GN100/GN105/GN137/GN200/GN305/GN5001S/M3/M3S/M5/M5PLUS/M6/M2017/N8/Q1/S5/S5.1/S5.5/S5.5L/S6/S7/S8/S600/V3/V6/V8/V183/V185/V187/V188/V188S/W800/W808/W900/W900S/W909/Z201/MITO M4/MITO M6meizu MX2

    Schematic diagram
    for iphone samsung huawei xiaomi Gionee

  • The point bitmap is a line map based on the main line of the mobile phone. It can help to check broken lines

    contain the iphone7P/7/6sp/6s/6/6p/5s/5/5c/4/4s/se,ipad2/3/4/air/air 2/mini/mini 2/mini 3/mini 4,samsungN3-N9006/N3-N9009/N4-N9109W/S4-I9500/S4-I9505/S5-G9009D/S5-G900F/S6-G9200/W2014/W2015/W2016,xiaomiMI3-TD/MI4-TD

    for iphone samsung and so on

  • It is the example for how to repair the phone

    contains iphone 7/7p/6s/6sp/6/6p,and we are also update every month.

    Fault diagram
    for iphone

  • It is for all mobile element distribution position

    contains iphone7/6sp/6s/6p/6/5s/5/4s,ipad 2/3/4/air/mini 1/mini 2,samsung A3009/A7000/A7009/E7000/E7009/G9250/N9200/A5000,Huawei honor3C,VIVO E5/S3/S6/X5L/X6D/Y22T

    Position diagram
    for samsung iphone vivo huawei

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"When you click the bitmap,you will get the schematic diagram on the right at same time . we finished iphone and ipad now ,we are the first in the world to do this ."

Double check diagram
for iphone and ipad

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